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Work smarter with the right beats, music for mindset

17 Apr 2019

Work smarter with the right beats, music for mindset

We all have those days where we struggle to stay on task, feel motivated and focused. But did you know listening to music can help turn your day around?


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Humans appear to be hard-wired to respond to music. In fact scientists have found that music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function – hence its ability to have such a powerful effect on the way we feel when we hear it. But listening to your all-time favourite beats doesn’t just affect how we feel, it can also impact the way we work and ultimately make us more productive and efficient.

The task at hand

To reap those rewards, it’s important to understand that different music works wonders for different tasks. If you’re elbow-deep in paperwork that calls for a tonne of reading or writing, songs with lyrics can be distracting, so switch to some instrumental-only tunes.

Need to have a bit of an office clear out? Now’s the time to listen to lyrics. Repetitive tasks like filing, clearing your inbox or sorting out Google Drive will fly by when singing along to your all-time favourite hits.

When it comes to manual labour, a dose of inspiration goes a long way. So if you need to feel empowered and tap into your inner strength, it’s time to turn up the bass. Research shows that music with a pumping bass leaves the listener feeling energised, motivated and ultimately helps them complete the task with greater efficiency and confidence.

Feeling a little stressed at the end of the day? Slow down the tempo – music with about 60 beats per minutes (slightly slower than the resting human heart rate) is enough to produce a calmer state, without causing you to nod off. It will help you to step back, breathe and regroup.

A matter of taste

While listening to the songs you love will of course provide some extra motivation, try to be open to exploring other types of music too. Classical music, for instance, emplowers the senses and allows listeners a clarity of mind that isn’t provided by other styles of music. In fact research showed it improved mood, diagnostic accuracy and personal interactions.

Jazz, on the other hand, offers workers who do repetitive tasks with the perfect backdrop. Its ornate harmonies teamed with a rhythmic base can be hugely motivating – but could end up leading to distraction.

Ambient and electronic music, however, is said to be the ideal background music that won’t distract. It’s designed to help relax the mind and let it roam.

As for hands-on workers – it’s all about classic rock hits from the 60s and 70s. Thanks to their heavy grooves, hook-driven jams and next-level guitar solos, this style invites listeners to rock out while distracting them from the dirty job at hand.

Top 5

As for what gets me through the day, I’m going to put myself out there and share my top 5 Spotify playlists. I’d love to know yours.

1) Motivation Mix

2) #ThrowbackThursday

3) Legendary Aussie Classics

4) Chill Out Music

5) Classical Essentials