New Car Finance

Business Car Finance

Using finance to purchase a car in your business is so important. Improves your cash flow and can provide excellent tax benefits and savings. Most businesses on the advice from their accountant will use finance to purchase a car in their business. Loan amounts start from $10,000 and can be for new and used cars generally up to 7 years old. Cars can be purchased from a dealer or private seller. Loan terms start from 1 year to 5 years. Balloon / Residual options are available to assist with cash flow and budgeting. Loan products used can be chattel mortgage, hire purchase, finance lease, novated lease and fully maintained novated leases

  • Chattel mortgage,
  • Hire purchase,
  • Finance lease,
  • Novated lease


  • We being a small business understand needs of small business
  • We liaise with your accountant making sure you are using the correct finance product
  • We provide your accountant with your finance documents for tax time
  • We have a combined 35 years industry experience
  • Your time is precious; we do all the work
  • Tailor your repayments to suit cash flow and budgeting