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6 common indoor plants that boost brain power

17 Apr 2019

6 common indoor plants that boost brain power

Feeling the mental fatigue burn? I hear you… check out how these plants can help by boosting our focus, our memory and overall workplace morale.

James Peters 180 Financial

We’re more than a quarter of the way through the year. Time flies when you’re having fun right? Because of course, I love what I do. But I also know I’m not alone when I say the sheer pace of the day-to-day can lead to some serious mental fatigue… even in this early half of the year.

So if you feel like your brain’s spluttering to a halt, I find one of the fastest ways to reboot is by getting back to nature. Easier said than done for us city folks though right? Wrong. According to recent research, even a view of nature out a window is associated with lower stress levels and higher job satisfaction. No views? No worries. Bringing plants into the workplace has also been proven to have an immediate calming influence.

Certain plants can even boost our brain power by increasing memory retention and concentration. In fact, a recent UK study showed that connecting to nature in this small way brought a significant increase to our overall health and happiness too – two things that have a profoundly important impact on the quality of work you produce, as well as overall workplace morale.

So if you’re keen to reap the rewards of the great outdoors – within office walls – head to your local nursery for these six brain-boosting plants.


More than just a pretty face, roses have been proven to boost focus and increase clarity – the ideal addition to anyone’s desk.


Potentially a good one for your office waiting room thanks to its calming qualities.


Sure it goes great with lamb… it also increases our focus no end. Add a pot or two to your meeting rooms and see productivity soar.

Boston Fern

This one has top-notch air purifying and humidifying capabilities, making it your new manager of clean office air. Group a few of them together in a corner for best results.

Peace Lily

Just like our Boston Fern friend above, the Peace Lily is a natural when it comes to keeping your office air pure and fresh all-year round.


The perfect pick-me-up for any office space, orchids are said to bring positive energy wherever they go. Something that’s especially important when we’re fighting those mental fatigue vibes.

I’m off to snap up one of each… why not share this article with your own millenial clients on socials? I have no doubt they’ll appreciate the brain power boost!