One question could save your client thousands

28 Mar 2019

One question could save your client thousands

Working with you, without a doubt, forms the very core of our business here at 180 Financial Services. The relationships I’ve built over the past decade are integral not only to the smooth operation of our own business, but to all the commercial clients we’ve been referred to along the way.

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So, how exactly does that process work?

As most of you will know, our key skills lie in securing finance for businesses seeking to purchase assets like cars or a variety of plant and machinery. Where we come in is when it comes time to buy. Rather than going through an external provider, the client seeks advice from their accountant and you ask the question: “what deal are they offering? I think I can do better.”

That’s where the referral comes through to us.

From that point we strive to make life for you the accountant, and your referring client, as easy as possible.

Our end goal?

To secure the very best deal going for your client, and ultimately solidify the faith they have in you as their trusted accountant.  

James Peters 180 Financial

Breaking down the process

We quickly streamline the service by taking control of the quote, running through the approval process, supplying documentation for signing and settling the required finance with the supplier.

There have been countless occasions where this process has saved businesses between two and five thousand dollars over the life of the loan. That’s not pocket money, that’s a significant saving that can make all the difference to these businesses.

If my accountant referred me to someone who saved my business that kind of money in the space of a quick phone call, I’d be thrilled.

What’s more, you have nothing to lose by making that referral. We appreciate that unless we’re competitive and prove our ability to secure a more cost-effective deal for your client, then we won’t secure the business and the client moves on. No harm, no foul.

But that doesn’t happen. Because we’re competitive. And we’re nimble. And we ensure that every referral we receive is rewarded with the best deal going.

So next time your client comes to you with a loan query, ask the right questions – what’s the deal? Is it the best you can do for them? Or is it worth reaching out to your inner circle of trusted industry contacts to see if we can offer something better?

My answer every time will be a resounding yes.