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Energy Equipment Finance

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are alarmingly rising to the highest figures, making it one of the world’s top 15 polluters. Do you also have a role in it? Switch to alternative energy before it’s too late.

We offer Energy Equipment Finance to boost your purchasing power of clean-energy equipment.

Supported by 200-million AUD from Clean Energy Finance Corporation, our program provides tax saving and 0.70% annual discount on interest rate.

Loan amount starts at 10000 AUD and can be structured up to 5 years.

Choose from 3 Energy Equipment Finance options

  • Finance Lease
  • Commercial Loan
  • Commercial Hire Purchase
Make a green difference.

Eligible Equipment

  • Solar PV Systems: In accordance with Australian standards
  • Energy Efficient Lighting (LED): Qualifying under NSW Energy Saving Scheme or Victorian Energy Efficiency Target
  • Irrigation: Motors and pumps installed with high engines and variable speed drivers
  • Industrial Refrigeration: New equipment with at least 10% less energy consumption
  • Battery Storage: which can be recharged from renewable sources
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC): Installation of PFC equipment results in at least 0.9% improvement
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC): New equipment leads to at least 10% less energy consumption
  • Building Management System (BMS): New BMS or material upgrades to existing systems with forecasted project savings
  • Voltage Optimisation: New equipment where no voltage optimisation assets were previously operated.
  • Solar Thermal including Solar Hot Water and Heat Pumps (Gas Turbine): Equipment that is on the Register for Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

How You Benefit

  • Guidance in finance product usage.
  • Complete finance documents for taxation.
  • Tailored repayments to suit cash flow and budget.
  • Certainty with fixed payments on a finance lease and commercial hire purchase or fixed interest rate on a commercial loan.
  • Potential tax benefits, depending on equipment finance option.

With a combined 35 years of industry experience, we understand the needs of small businesses. We also realise that your time is precious. Leave the work to us and get the best Energy Equipment Finance solutions.